Croatian dog scene and fanciers are looking forward to welcome you to the IDC World Championship 2022! Please, follow the information about the Show venue.


SRC Udarnik - Kurilovec, Velika Gorica

Be a part of IDC World Championship 2022 in Kurilovec, near Velika Gorica, in Croatia, from 2nd till 4th September – world dobermann elite will be there!

We are expecting indeed a big number of dogs with their handlers – best of the best in dobermann breed.

This is one of the strongest competitions in the dog world, and win there is very much coveted for many reasons. Participants from more than 30 countries are giving their best to win and entire program is accompanied with a mix of modern and traditional food, fun, souvenirs and everything that the dog’s or dog handler’s heart desire. From dog food and snacks in many flavors, over a lot of toys, as well as dog sports clothing, everything will be offered.

This is ideal show and place for everyone to meet, enjoy the good company, communicate and exchange knowledge and experience for the benefit of Dobermann breed!


Of course, “visitor dogs” are also welcome. Please, don't forget to take a valid vaccination card or pet passport with you.
This is obligatory and of the highest importance. The vaccinations are checked at the entrance.

How to get there?

Here is the Google map of show ground which should make it very easy for you to find it.

There are several different directions to get to the show ground, not one of them is complicated. Just follow the map and you will be a part of the dobermann world in no time!