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Doberman Klub Zagreb - Hrvatska

Club is very proud and grateful for the unique opportunity to organize event of this importance.


Proud organizer of IDC World Championship


We are giving our best to try to make this event the most memorable IDC World Championship organized to this day. Before the show, as usual, we will also host a Dobermann breed congress, followed by a gala dinner. Hopefully this year’s IDC World Championship, after all the inconveniences due to Covid-19 pandemic, will set new standards, with high entry numbers. Combined with our traditional hospitality, we are sure you will remember it for a long time.


The International Dobermann Club is a voluntary association of Clubs for the Dobermann Breed with the aim of unifying the regulations pertaining to the breeding, the training and the ownership of this Breed.

Croatian Kennel Club

Croatian Kennel Club (Hrvatski kinološki savez) is the supreme Croatian cynology organization on a national level. Formed in 1891, nowadays it consists of 135 members (kennel clubs and breed clubs) from all parts of Croatia.


The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organisation. It includes 99 members and contract partners. The FCI has three sections: Europe – The Americas & Caribbean – Asia, Africa & Oceania.