Veterinary Information

Official Veterinarian of the Show will be published soon.

Veterinary Regulations

Since December 29th, 2014 the same regulations are valid in most European Union countries for domestic animals.

In Croatia, dogs are also required to be on a leash and at times must wear a muzzle.

Domestic animals must have an EU domestic animal ID card. This document is issued by a veterinarian and contains all information regarding inoculations and worm treatments that the animal has received. The Rabies vaccination is especially important. The Rabies vaccination must have been given after the ID card was issued and must still be active. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please contact your veterinarian. Your dog could be denied entry into Croatia if the vaccine is deemed not active.

The identification number recorded in the ID card must also be saved on a microchip.

You must have a leash and muzzle with you at all times.

The event will be overseen by a veterinarian.

In order to receive permission to be shown, every participating dog will be examined by a veterinarian. If an animal is deemed to have health problems or is clearly in pain, it will not be allowed to be shown. A veterinarian is on site during the entire event. The decision of the veterinarian is final at all times.

We strongly advise you not only to vaccinate your dog(s) against rabies but also against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirosis and leptospirosis. The vaccinations must be up to date. Various vaccines against these illnesses are available. The dogs must be revaccinated (booster) according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Other important veterinary regulations

• The proper custody of the dogs as well as the length of stay of the dogs in cars and trailers will be controlled.

• Only dogs with valid rabies vaccination are allowed to enter the site of event. The vaccinations and dog passports are controlled!

• At the site of event (even in the green zones), all dogs have to be on a leash at all times!