We are very proud to announce that main sponsor of this prestigious event will be one of the world's premier and biggest pet food companies, PURINA. But, there will be other sponsors as well, so browse this section and see who supports us.


Main Sponsor of IDC World Championship 2022

As we mentioned before, securing sponsorship and support from a company of such reputation really makes us proud and happy. Also, Purina has sponsored many major canine events over the years, their level of professional standards is very well known and high, and it is safe to say that support from their professionals will add a lot of extra elements to this event.

Other Sponsors

City of Velika Gorica and Velika Gorica Tourist Board

We have already received a lot of support from the mayor and the city of Velika Gorica and also from Velika Gorica Tourist Board. Turopolje region indeed has a lot to offer to all visitors, so don't forget to check local amenities, restaurants, history and nature. Granted, everyone will find something for themselves and create nice memories of this competition and region.

Numbers game, anyone?

Like we mentioned before, this is indeed one of the premiere canine events of the year, and also one of the biggest and most important canine events in a history of Croatian dog sport.

Start your countdown to September 2nd!


Expected number of dogs entered (or more)

Follow our web site information and news and also our social network coverage of event and prepare yourself for competition!